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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Greyhawk maps by Anna B Meyer

Anna B Meyer is a cartographer specializing in the visualization of fantasy worlds using the latest digital tools and an artistic eye. Support her...

How to Make Magic Wash – Pledge with Future Shine

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic Creating the classic Magic Wash. A simple way to make easy-to-use ink washes. United Kingdom: Klear or Krystal Klear Netherlands: Pronto Wax...

Lead Mountain – colour palettes and swatches

Lead Mountain - colour palettes and swatches

Lead Mountain Progress – 2019-12

Broo Some old plastic GW Beatmen are proxied as Broo Baboons Lucid Eye simians proxied as Baboons LI-SIM1 - Simian Bods 1 The Simian Bods...

Refurbishing some old minis

Refurbishing some old 28mm Gloranthan miniatures with some shading and steel bases.

Terrain for miniature games

Terrain for miniature games