Setting up a Battle


Weather Effect

Add the following to the indicated weather types:

Rain: Combat disadvantage for aerials.

Dust storm: Difficult going for aerials. Air-mobile troops must dismount.

Strong winds: Airboats (X) are destroyed. Aerial and other airboats move only as single elements. Air-mobile troops must dismount. Difficult going and combat disadvantage for airboats and aerials.


Update third paragraph, first sentence as follows:

In addition, troops at least half way up hills cannot see or be seen from less than 800p beyond a lower hill, wood, orchard, olive or palm grove or sand dunes unless either element is aerial.

Fighting a Battle

PIP Expenditure

Add to “1 PIP is expended for:”
  • A single heroic (H) element switching position with adjacent element.
  • Each active Avatar. The general can refrain from spending this PIP, in which case the Avatar immediately becomes spent.

(c) Unresponsive, Mixed or Forced Marching Troops

Add these 2 bullets:
  • If a group includes both (C) or (E) troops, and any other troops other than a general, (H) element, Magician, or Cleric.
  • If a group includes both aerials and any other troops.

(e) Irregular Ineptness

Replace first bullet:
  • If a single land element or a land or naval group move includes any irregulars other than (i) light troops in good or rough going, (ii) Cavalry (O) in good going, or (iii) a general’s or (H) element, and either:



Aerials and air-mobile troops can ignore enemy troops unable to shoot at them, even to the point of moving over them. For simplicity, they may not end their march on top of or within 40p an enemy unit.

Single Element Moves

Add at end:

As a special single-element move, any heroic (H) element may switch position with an adjacent (at least corner-to-corner contact) element of the same basic type, provided that this puts the heroic element in greater danger than before (from unengaged to overlap, from overlap to combat, from rear to flank to front contact), or fighting a more dangerous enemy (another hero (H) or general, or an Avatar, Dragon, Behemoth, Giant, or Magician, or an (E) element). This is possible because only the presence of a handful heroes makes an element heroic, and these few heroes can easily move between elements.

Tactical and March Move Distances

Replace table with:
Marching entirely
along a road
Normal If entering or ending in:
Flyers, Dragon, Avatar. 480 240
Light Horse. 640 320 240 160
Cavalry, Camelry or Expendables. 480 240 160 80
Elephants, Clerics or Knights. 400 200 160 80
Auxilia, Giants, Magicians or Psiloi. 400 200 200 160
Spears, Pikes, Blades, Warband, Shot, Bows or Hordes. 400 160 160 80
War Wagons, Artillery except (S), land Baggage. 400 160 80 0
Artillery (S). 240 80 40
Naval except (X), Airboats except (X), anything air-mobile. 320 160
Naval if (X), Airboats (X). 160 80
Change start of first bullet to:
  • Troops classed as Fast (F) or Heroic (H), add an extra 40p

Spontaneous Advance

Add to list of impetuous troops:
  • Any troops graded (H) and any troops graded (E) except Artillery.
  • Giants, Avatars and Dragons.
  • Irregular Clerics (S).
Change beginning of 6th bullet to:
  • Any troops (except train or graded (C)) that are aware of broken or shattered enemy …

Arrival of Delayed or Flank Marching Commands


A flank march consisting entirely of aerials arrive on 5+ (4+ if using the Flank Attack stratagem), and are placed on map two bounds after that. They will thus tend to arrive sooner than ordinary flank marches, but give the opponent an extra bound to prepare himself (they are seen from farther away).

Moving Through Gaps or Passing Through Friendly Troops

Add to 1st list:
  • Magicians and avatars can pass through (or over) any friends.
  • Aerials can pass over any friends except when recoiling.
  • Any ground troops can pass under friendly aerials if these are not already in close combat.
Change 1st and 4th bullets of 2nd list to:
  • Elements passed through by Dragons, Expendables, or Elephants flee.
  • Troops of a broken command (unless graded (C)) passed through by routers join them behind in rout.

Distant Combat

Change 1st paragraph to:

Magicians, Artillery, Bows, Shot, War Wagons (S) or (O), Giants (X), Elephants (X), Airboats except (X), Ships (S), (O) or (X), Galleys, and Boats (S) (of an army including men with bows) or (X) can shoot at any 1 enemy element that is a valid target.

Valid Targets

Change start of 2nd bullet to:
  • Artillery (F), Giants (X), Airboats, Elephants (X), …
Change 5th bullet to:
  • TF, PF or troops manning them cannot be shot over except from higher PF or by Airboats.

Shooting Range and Direction

Change 1st sentence to:

Maximum range is 80p for Shot (I), 240p for other Shot, Bows, War Wagons, Artillery (X), Galleys, Ships and Boats (S), 320p for Artillery (I) and Airboats, 560p for other Artillery and Magicians.

Close Combat

Change 3rd bullet in the list of ignored overlaps:
  • The overlapping or overlapped element or that aided are Expendables or Dragons.

Only aerials and units capable of distant shooting may count as overlap for or against Airboats.

Combat Factors

Replace table with:
Your element is: Its opponent is: Mounted. Others.
Avatars or Dragons +5 +5
Elephants, Expendables or Shot +5 +4
Spears, Blades, Artillery if shooting, Giants if shot at or War Wagons. +4 +4
Pikes. Bows if shooting without being shot at that bound +4 +3
Bows in other circumstances. +4 +2
Giants if in close combat. +3 +5
Airboats, Clerics, Knights, Cavalry if in close combat. +3 +4
Cavalry if shot at, Magicians, Warband or Auxilia. +3 +3
Flyers. +3 +2
Light Horse, Camelry, Galleys or Ships. +2 +3
Psiloi, Hordes, Artillery unless shooting, Baggage or Boats. +2 +2
Any naval if troops disembarked. +1 +1

Close Combat Rear Support Factors


An element graded (H) may count itself as any other grade for the purpose of receiving rear support, but may never give rear support itself.

+1 in enemy bound only if:

Change ends of 1st and 2nd bullets to:
  • … – only if fighting against Elephants, Dragons, Giants, Expendables, Knights, Camelry, Pikes, Blades, Warband or Hordes.
  • … – only if fighting against Elephants, Dragons, Giants or Knights.
Change ends of last 2 bullets to:
  • … – only if fighting against foot, Flyers or Airboats.
  • … – only if fighting against Warband, Giants or against mounted troops except Knights (X).

Any foot supported by any Cleric – only if fighting supernaturals. This will usually just cancel the -1 Tactical Factor for fighting supernaturals.

Tactical Factors

Change 3rd bullet of +3 to:
  • They are behind any fortifications and in close combat with or shot at by a War Wagon (S) or Ship (X) tower, or any aerials.

+1 If graded (H) and either in close combat or shot at.

-1 If in close combat with supernaturals, unless supernatural, Magician, Cleric, or graded (C) or (H).

Grading Factors


-1 if Entity (E) scoring equal or less: if fighting a supernatural (including another (E)), Magician, Cleric or any opponent graded (H).

Combat Outcome

Add to ‘Elements disregard outcomes when’:
  • When bespelling any but a magician, cleric or avatar, or when aiding bespelling.

If an element’s total is less than that of its opponent, but more than half:

Add these entries to the table:
Avatars. Banished by Clerics or Magicians.
Stand unless fighting supernatural or any graded (H).
Dragons. Destroyed by any graded (H).
Flee if in close combat.
Airboats. Destroyed by Artillery, Avatars or Dragons.
Flyers. Flee from Light Horse, Magician, and from Bows shooting.
Elephants. Destroyed by Magicians. Flee from any graded (H)?
Knights. Destroyed by Dragons or Magicians.
Cavalry. Flee from Dragons or Magicians, or if in enemy bound from Giants.
Light Horse. Flee from Dragons or Magicians.
Camelry. Flee from Dragons.
Clerics. Destroyed by Expendables in enemy bound if opponent counts as in good going.
Spears, Pikes. Destroyed by Dragons or Magicians.
Destroyed by Clerics (S) in enemy bound if opponent counts as in good going.
Blades. Destroyed by Dragons or Magicians.
Destroyed by Clerics (S) in enemy bound if opponent counts as in good going.
Warband. Destroyed by Dragons or Magicians.
Destroyed by Clerics (S) in enemy bound if opponent counts as in good going.
Bows, Shot. Destroyed by Magicians.
Auxilia. Destroyed by Clerics (S) in enemy bound if opponent counts as in good going.
Flee from Avatar, Magicians or Dragons if in good going.
Psiloi. Destroyed by Clerics (S) or (O) or Flyers (S) if in enemy bound and opponent counts as in good going.
Artillery. Destroyed by Magicians.
War Wagons. Destroyed by Dragons, Giants or Magicians.
Hordes. Destroyed by Dragons or Magicians.
Destroyed by Clerics (S) if opponent counts as in good going.
Magicians. Destroyed by any graded (H).
Giants. Destroyed by Artillery or Magicians.

If an element’s total is half or less than half that of the enemy:

Add these entries to the table:
Dragon. Spent unless in close combat with Magician, Cleric or supernatural, or in close combat or shot at by any graded (H).
Cavalry. Flee from Airboats.
Light Horse. Spent if in close combat against, or shot at by, Airboats.
Psiloi. Flee from Airboats.

Destroyed Elements

Change last bullet to:
  • The destroyed element was Dragons, Elephants or Expendables.

Recoiling Elements

Add to 3rd paragraph:

Recoiling elements do not push Dragons or Avatars back. Recoiling Dragons cause elements passed through or pushed back to flee.

Storming Fortifications


Aerials can assault any tower, and any fortification section not adjacent to an enemy-held tower.

Morale Equivalents

Change ME list to:
  • Expendables, Hordes (I), Camelry (X), Artillery (X), Airboats (X), War Wagons (X) and rear elements of required double bases = 0 ME.
  • General’s element of any troop type or grade = 4 ME.
  • Baggage (S), Avatar or Dragon = 3 ME.
  • Elephants except (I) or (X), Giants except (I) or (X), Knights, Clerics, Magicians, any element graded (H), Cavalry (S), Camelry (S), Spears (S), Blades (S), War Wagons (S) or (O), and regular army Baggage except (S) = 2 ME.
  • Warband except (S), Auxilia except (S), Bows (I), Hordes except (I), Psiloi, irregular Spears (I), irregular Pikes, and Naval except (X) = 1/2 ME. Naval ME still count if water is lacking.
  • Other troops and irregular or command Baggage except (S) = 1 ME.
  • A dismounted element = the total ME of the mounted element/s it was exchanged for.
  • Embarked troops or Baggage are in addition to the naval element.

Disheartened Commands


Troops graded (C) do not become shaken when their command is disheartened, provided the command retains a Magician or Cleric.

Broken Commands


Troops graded (C) do not have to rout when their command is broken, provided the command retains a Magician or Cleric. If no Magicians or Clerics remain, all such troops immediately become inert (effectively destroyed).

Army Lists

Terrain types are:

S Sea.
FS Sea that may freeze in winter.
WW Waterway.
Rv River.
L Lake.
DH Difficult steep hill.
CH Craggy steep hill.
WH Wooded hill.
RH Rocky gentle low hill.
SH Scrubby gentle low hill.
GH Bare gentle low hill.
BUA Built-up area.
BUAf Built-up area if optionally allowed PF.
FW Frontier wall.
Rd Unpaved roads or frequently used tracks.
PRd Paved road.
F Large open fields.
E Small fields enclosed by hedges, walls or irrigation ditches.
B Boundary hedge or wall.
O Orchard or olive grove.
Oa Desert oasis.
V Vineyards.
Wd Wood.
M Marsh.
D Sand dunes.
BF Boggy flat ground.
SF Scrub-covered flat ground.
RF Rocky flat ground.
G Sunken gully.

The following abbreviations are used for troop types in these lists:

Av = Avatar. Dr = Dragon. Air = Airboat. Fl = Flyers. Bh = El = Elephants. Kn = Knights. Cv = Cavalry. LH = Light Horse. Cm = Camelry. Exp = Expendables. Cl = Cleric. Sp = Spears. Pk = Pikes. Bd = Blades. Wb = Warband. Ax = Auxilia. Bw = Bows. Ps = Psiloi. Hd = Hordes. Mg = Magicians. Gi = Giants. Sh = Shots. Art = Artillery. WWg = War Wagons. Bge = Baggage. Gal = Galleys. Shp = Ships. Bts = Boats. PF = Permanent Fortifications. TF = Temporary Fortifications. mtd = Mounted Infantry. aer = Aerial (air-mobile) Infantry.


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