Copied from Gloranthan Army Lists for ‘Hordes of the Things’

Gloranthan Army Lists for ‘Hordes of the Things’

Here’s another old file from The Stronghold, dragged out of the archives because Jane asked nicely.

Gloranthan Army Lists for ‘Hordes of the Things’

By David L. Pulver

Glorantha in the seond age
Glorantha in the seond age

The following are a series of army lists and campaign notes for gaming the Hero Wars using the WRG’s excellent DBA-derived HORDES OF THE THINGS miniature rules, designed for quick play while emphasizing command and control. HOTT armies are organized into 1-4 figure “elements”(stands) representing an individual and bodyguard, or a regiment of troops. A typical army is formed from a dozen or so elements (circa 50 figures) using an Army Point (AP) system to establish balanced 24 AP armies. A battle is played on a 2′ x 3’area and takes about an hour to play.The main reference for these lists is the board game DRAGON PASS, published by CHAOSIUM. The format used is: suggested number of elements in a 24 AP army, troop type (name of element) and the point cost in APs.

1 x Hero General (Beat-Pot Alewrin) @ 4 AP
1 x Paladin (Jar-eel the Razeress) @ 4 AP
1 x Magicians (Crater Makers, Blue Moon School, Major or Minor Classes, Comet Seers or Spell archers) @ 4 AP
1 x Knights (Hell Sisters, Bloodspillers, Mother’s Guard, Steadfast, Red or Hadrian’s Dragoons) @ 2 AP
1 x Blades (Household Foot, Grim Soldiers, Feathered Axe or Steel Sword Legion)@ 2 AP
2 x Riders (Cavalry Corps or Furthest Corps horse) @ 2 AP
1 x Spears (Granite, Marble or Jasper Phalanx, or hired Sun Dome Templars) @ 2AP
1 x Shooters (Thunder Delta Slingers) @ 2 AP

Alternatives: Magician General (Red Emperor) @ 4 AP, Hero (Full Moon Corps,Twin Stars), Dragon (CrimsonBat) @ 4 AP, Hordes (lesser foot regiments) @ 1 AP; Beasts (Tusk Ridermercs) @ 2 AP.

1 x Magician General (Prince Argrath) @ 4 AP
1 x Hero (Gunda the Guilty) @ 4 AP
1 x Paladin (Harrek the Berserk) @ 4 AP
2 x Hordes (Sartar Foot Militia) @ 1 AP
1 x Knights (Twin Spears, Sword Brothers or Bullocks) @ 2 AP
2 x Riders (Pavis Royal Guard, Mounted Militia or Bush Children or Praxian barbarians) @ 2 AP
2 x Warbands (Dragontooth Runners, Baron Sanual’s Men, Headhunters,Candledancers, Guildsmen, Freemen,Antlercase, Colymar, Tworidge Farm or Thieves’ Arm) @ 2 AP
1 x Flyers (Sylphs, Wasps or Wind Children) @ 2 AP

Alternatives: Beasts (Wolf Runners or Tusk Rider mercs) @ 2 AP; WaterLurkers (Ducks) @ 1 AP; Aerial Hero(Stormwalkers) @ 6 AP; Magicians (Egglord Warlocks, Snakepipe Dancers, Sir Narib’s Company, EaglebrownWarlocks, Warm Sisters, Free Philosophers, Tosti Runefriend, Earth Twins) @4 AP; Spears (Sun DomeTemplars) @ 4 AP; Dragon @ 4 AP.

TARSH REBELS (Exiles, Halfbeasts and Grazelanders)
1 x Hero General (Ironhoof or Feathered Horse Queen) @ 4 AP
1 x Paladin (Androgenous) @ 4 AP
1 x Artillery (The Dwarf with cannon cult) @ 3 AP
3 x Riders (Grazelanders, Centaurs, Exile Cavalry) @ 2 AP
1 x Warbands (Exile Infantry) @ 2 AP
1 x Bows (Exile Archers) @ 2 AP
1 x Beasts (Minotaurs and Manticores, or Tusk Rider mercenaries) @ 2 AP
1 x Lurkers (Satyrs) @ 1 AP

Alternatives: Behemoth (Stone Men) @ 4 AP, Hero (Twins) @ 4 AP, Magicians(Moon Haters, Earth Shaker’sCult, Baron’s Friends or Old School) @ 4 AP, Knights (Beaked Dragonewts) @2 AP, Spears (hired Sun DomeTemplars) @ 2 AP.

1 x Magician General (Inhuman King) @ 4 AP
2 x Magicians (Priests) @ 4 AP
2 x Knights (Beaked Dragonewts) @ 2 AP
2 x Riders (Mounted Crested Dragonewts) @ 2 AP
2 x Shooters (Crested Dragonewts) @ 2 AP

Alternatives: Behemoths (Brontosauri or Triceratops) @ 4 AP, Magicians(Trachodons) @ 4 AP, Flyers(Pteranodons) @ 2 AP

1 x Magician General (Cragspider) @ 4 AP
1 x Dragon (Cragspider’s Dragon) @ 4 AP
4 x Warbands (Dark Trolls) @ 2 AP
1 x Magicians (Dark Troll Priestesses) @ 4 AP
4 x Hordes (Trollkin) @ 1 AP

1 x Hero General (Jaldon Toothmaker) @ 4 AP
1 x Magicians (Flash Jak, And-ja or Krise) @ 4 AP
8 x Riders (Pol-Joni, Amber, Potor or Ansil Clans) @ 2 AP

1 x Hero General (Sir Ethilrist) @ 4 AP
1 x Dragon (Hell Hound) @ 4 AP
2 x Sneakers (Goblins, Keener Than) @ 3 AP
4 x Knights (Black Horse Troops) @ 2 AP
1 x Spears (Black Horse Auxiliaries) @ 2 AP


These don’t really fit into any army, but could be added in place of other troops:

1 x Magician General (Delecti) @ 4 AP
3 x Hordes (Delecti’s Zombies) @ 1 AP
1 x The Hydra or Giants (Behemoth) @ 4 AP

An element in this case represents a few thousand men, or a single hero and an associated body guard, or one really powerful critter. Superheroes were classed as Paladins, heroes as Heroes unless they had a spirit listed, in which case they figured as Magicians. Actually, I was tempted to class the Superheroes as Gods, given their well known unreliability. However, Paladins worked well because of their effect on nearby magic in Hordes of Things approximates their ability to grant magic resistance to stacked units in Dragon Pass. Classing the Hell Hound and Crimson Bat both as Dragons seemed to fit best with Hordes of the Things.

See HOTT. A suggested game is to pick three to six of the following: Lunar Empire, Sartar, Tarsh Rebels, Cragspider, Dragonewts, Barbarian Hordes, Sir Ethilherst. Assume the others are sitting out the war or rebuilding.

These rules are optional, but will enable HORDES OF THE THINGS to better simulate the Hero Wars:

  • The Red Moon and the Glow Line: Add +1 to PIP of the Lunars if the red moon is full, full half, within the glowline, -1 if dying or black. The Red Moon is always full within the Glow Line. In a campaign game, the Glow Line covers all provinces the Lunar Empire actually controls (but not tributaries).
  • Dragon Tooth Runners: If Prince Argrath is in play, one Sartar warband can be designated the Dragon Tooth Runners. They need not be deployed at the start of the game. If so, they can later appear adjacent to Prince Argath on the board as a tactical move costing 1 PIP.
  • Crimson Bat: While the Bat is on the battlefield, the Red Moon is always considered full. If an enemy recoils,the Bat must pursue as if it were an element of Knights.
  • Dragons: Thanks to their mastery of the Infinity Rune, true dragons (but not the Hellhound or the Crimson Bat) have the same effect on magic that a Paladin does.



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