Comparing Lizardmen

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3 Chariot Miniatures – 2 Black Raven Foundry – Pendraken 10mm – GFI 10mm


Chariot – ERM  –  Tin Soldier


A Chariot giant Turtle with Howdah.


Chariot Pterosaurs. They also come without harness and rider.


A bunch of Chariot Lizardmen. Very nice figures with nice details.
I particularly like the Armoured Lizardmen and the 3 Magicians are fantastic.
The Standard Bearer is excellent as well but you have to get the the Giant War Turtle with General to get one.


Pendraken 10mm Lizardmen. I use them as the younger members of my TerraNewt army.
They come in 3 flavours, straight Lizardmen, Tribal Lizardmen and Newts.
I don’t have any straight Lizardmen.
The 1st four are Tribal Lizardmen which are larger and spinal scales only on the tail.
The next 3 are Newts which are smaller and have spinal scales all the way to the head.

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