Earth season 1625

Ten days after Dragonrise, the culmination of the hero quest by the Eleven Lights that awoke a brown dragon. The dragon rose and killed the Crimson  Bat, laid waste to the Lunar temple under construction in Boldholme and slew half of the troops stationed there.  

The Eleven Lights

For the past year I have been a part of small war-band that has served as protectors of The Eleven Lights. With Dragon Rise our duties quickly changed and we have spent the past days under Londra of Londros stern command, clearing the city Boldholm and dismantling what was left of the Lunar temple.

Considerable treasures was found in the temple and shared among the Rune Masters of Boldholm. Londra kept the treasures of Urrrggh the Ugly, a half-troll that had died, but used to be her friend a long time ago.

Londra orders picked me and four others from the war-band to transport the gold of Urrrggh to her cousin Leika Blackspear in Clearwine. The other men were Jarolar a horseman of renown, Brioc a warrior from Prax, Korl Oris a fierce storm bull, Geiri a dark-skinned battlefield healer and I, a philosopher and a student in the art of the sword. 

Transporting the treasure

Early in the morning the following day we left Boldholme going westward towards Wilmskirk along the king’s road.  It turned out to be a sizable treasure indeed, enough to load four mules.  No one took much notice of a band of warriors and four mules and we melted into the stream of traders, peasants and warriors. Travel was easy and the road was busy after the great battle. As we took to the smaller roads north of Wilmskirk the number of travellers gradually thinned out to a trickle.

It was late afternoon, the fourth day on the road, and we were about to set camp for the night when we spotted a group of Boar riders ahead. The Lunars had frequently requited groups like these as mercenaries to drive in taxes and do their dirty work. Jarolar was taking lead and signalled us to stop. We watched them wearily from a distance; they lounged lazily on their massive beasts looking casually holding thick spears. With a hushed voice Jarolar urged us to be ready to fight.

Brioc scanned the surroundings for an ambush and saw a group of Lunars hiding in the bushes north of us. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared with anger as he threw a javelin towards the group with a roar. The javelin struck a beautiful bald Lunar woman in the leg. She barely let out a whimper as blood instantly soaked through her silken dress in a bright crimson spot.

Between two foes

The men around her quickly moved into one cohesive line, shield and spear locked in place. At the same time the five boar riders stirred into action charging towards us with spears lowered. Even though her leg was bleeding the woman started chanting a sorcery spell and a shimmering pink light shone between her hands. Brioc’s second javelin pierced through her arm and the pink light flickered out of existence and she quietly slumped into the high grass.

A fierce battle on two fronts ensued.  My shield was shattered and my arm badly hurt when the boar riders changed into us. I managed to stay conscious and to heal myself. Geiri was about to be surrounded by the Lunar infantry moving in formation. They used a regimental specific magic; and a translucent pink rope went between their shields.

The glowing rope was about to trap Geiri, but he had previously cast Shield. When the shimmering rope struck him it was dispelled, and caused a moment of confusion and surprise among the Lunars, which gave Geiri an opening to escape their encirclement. With much effort we eventually defeated the attackers and took their commander and the sorceress prisoners.  The commander of the infantry unit was Andrega Silverflame a minor noble of Lunar descent and the sorceress was Anderida of Raibanth a member of high moon nobility. Anderida gave away very little but her bald head meant she had ties to the lunar emperor.

We reached Clearwine two days later. The guards at the gate greeted us and took custody of the gold and our prisoners. The prisoners were tight-lipped and said very little but we suspected they knew about the gold. Later the same day we met with Leika Blackspear and she thanked us for our service and gave each of us a reward for loyal service. I received a small statuette of Lankor Mhy that to aid me in my prayers to him.

Leika nodded gravely when we mentioned the Lunars and that they appeared to know about the gold. She said this was food for thought and that we should take some time to ponder what this meant. We spent two weeks in Clearwine tending our wounds and relaxing.


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