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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Helenos Diary

Helenos Diary. Notes from my travels to be submitted to Notched main library section 4, shelf 24.

1625 Earth Death Wind – From the ashes into the fire

Earth season 1625 Ten days after Dragonrise, the culmination of the hero quest by the Eleven Lights that awoke a brown dragon. The dragon rose...
The Boar of Pig Hollow

1625 Earth Stasis Clay – Pig Hollow

Colymar tribal moot Earth season 1625. Leika called on us to guard during the Colymar tribe meeting. At the meeting prominent people of...
Bridge to Throat of Winter

1625 Storm Harmony Wind – Rampus’ bargain

Rampus’ bargain Storm season. More winds and colder weather. Apple Lane  Old drunkard agrees to oversee the restoration of Gringle’s shop. Searching the pawnshop and find...